How to Take Cute Pictures of Baby

All moms love taking pictures of their baby throughout the day to document those special moments. Having camera phones makes it so easy to snap a photo right away so you don’t miss capturing baby’s first smile! So how do you use your phone to take a professional quality baby picture? It’s not always easy … Continued

Eco-Friendly Summer Must Haves for the Family

Summer is here and the weather is beautiful making it the perfect time to head outdoors with the family and soak up the sun! When the kids are out of school and everyone is excited for summer vacation, the best memories are made. Whether you’re busy packing for a beach getaway or a staycation, there … Continued

Dealing with the Terrible Twos

Ever been shopping at the mall or grocery store and the next thing you know, your toddler is having a meltdown in the middle of the store? Welcome to the “terrible twos”, the stage in your toddler’s life where their emotions get the best of them and they will have a tantrum for the most … Continued

Easter Basket Gifts for Kids

Kids love celebrating Easter because of how fun the holiday is – you get to have Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny leaves a special basket surprise in the morning! The only problem with Easter baskets is that they’re typically filled with lots of candy and sugary treats that are unhealthy for kids and … Continued

Tips for Soothing a Sick Child

It’s hard as a parent to see your little one suffering when she’s come down with the flu or a cold. You would do anything in your power to take the pain away and soothe your child as best you can. If you’ve already taken your child to the doctor and are giving her medicine … Continued